Frequently asked questions

How much is the program, is it expensive?

Please understand that we don't practise one-size-fits-all plan. Your program will be personalized based on your goals, needs, body condition, or budget, which is why it always works! Literally. I will not quote until I have gone through a wellness evaluation with you (online or in person, depending whre u live). To give an idea, it will range from RM15 - RM25, that's (4usd - 7usd LOL) on a per meal basis (you decide if it's expensive?)

Were there anyone that did not get results?

Ofcourse, I'd be lying if I say no! That would happen to know-it-alls, or if you do not follow the plan whole-heartedly. If you give yourself 100%, the results will be 100% guarenteed. So everybody has a change to get their results!

How fast can I see my results?

Individual results vary. It depends on how serious you are too. Clients would typically notice differences within a span of 10 days. Gender, age, lifestyle affects as well - men would typically lose weight faster than women, y'know we've got challenges aka menstruation, hormone imbalance etc, all these would play a role. So please do not expect a 20kg loss in a month, I do not recommend drastic drop in weight. Your progress will be monitored along the way and made adjustment when needed, trust the process and you will see results!

I'm not in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, can I still join in the program?

Yes ofcourse, our coaching can be done both online and offline! Even though you are far away, we will still give our best to guide you throughtout as long you give us your commitment. We have customers all over ther world, including Singapore, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and many more!